Beetroot and ginger smoothie

With winter almost at its end and spring just around the corner, the kind of food I want to eat at breakfast is changing. Whilst I'm the first to admit I can eat a big bowl of fluffy porridge any time of year, refreshing and cold smoothies are becoming more appealing on a morning.

This beetroot and ginger smoothie is such a good energy booster and the pink colour is dreamy. I love the pairing of the zingy ginger and the sweet beetroot, and the frozen banana makes it so creamy!

You can swap any of the ingredients you like - the spinach could be replaced with kale, or you needn't use it at all. You could use water instead of almond milk - get creative! Transferring to a jazzy Kilner jar is also optional.


1 pre-cooked beetroot (add more beetroot juice to make the colour even more pink!)
1/4 inch of grated ginger
half a frozen banana
a handful spinach
250ml almond milk
2 ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in the blender and whizz for 30 secs or until smooth.

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