A weekend in Slovenia

The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a small yet enchanting city with a wonderful sense of peacefulness. It's also a handy base to explore the beautifully picturesque Lake Bled, which lies less than an hour away by bus.


Ljubljana is one of the most quaint and charming cities I've ever been to. Strolling alongs the river that runs through the heart of the city, you get a real sense of why it's such a liveable European city; the relaxed atmosphere, the pretty pastel houses, the peaceful and pedestrianised centre.

I loved sitting at one of the casual bars that edge the river, people-watching, snacking and listening to the background chatter of people from outdoor cafes enjoying a lazy afternoon. With its green spaces, relaxed vibe, varied history and fairytale-esque architecture, you'd never believe this is a capital city.

I only spent two days in Ljubljana - which I felt was enough - and used it as a base to explore Lake Bled; possibly the most beautiful natural lake I've ever seen.

I'd recommend doing the walking tour of Ljubljana on your first day to get your bearings. You can see most of the city this way as it is so small and contained. The tour is led by a local travel guide who can offer an inside perspective and give background knowledge on a city steeped in history. The guide leading the tour I went on told a story about a bear wondering into the city centre from the countryside; the city and the country have no boundaries, but instead blur into one another. Apparently instances like this are not uncommon!

Below are a few of the highlights from my weekend in Slovenia.

Ljubljanica River

Perfect for casually wandering along the river banks on a warm afternoon.

Fresh fruit and veg at the Central Market

The buzzing bustle of the daily market is not to be missed! Admire the seasonal fresh food as you stroll from stall to stall.

The view from Castle Hill 

Either walk the twenty minutes up the hill or ride the 70m-long funicular that leaves from the Old Town. I walked up one of the many paths leading up the hill and really enjoyed it. Walking up also makes the view from the top that bit more rewarding too!

The stunning Lake Bled 

It's worth spending the whole day at Lake Bled. It takes roughly three hours to slowly stroll around the entire lake, and I enjoyed stopping off at one of the pebbled beaches, eating an ice cream and watching people swim in the lake. You can also hire a boat and row to the mysterious island in the centre. Framed by towering mountains and misty clouds, the lake is uniquely enchanting.

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