48 hours in Copenhagen

I recently spent a long weekend in Copenhagen: a city that couldn't be more different from London!

The hometown of Hans Christian Anderson - the Danish author best remembered for his fairytales - is enchantingly picturesque.

Filled with royal palaces, colourful houses, luscious gardens and cobbled streets,  you can spend a lot of time just wandering around and exploring the places you stumble upon. Getting lost amongst the medieval back streets; enjoying a coffee and pastry in a quiet cafe; strolling around the characterful harbour with its colourful houses... it's taking the time for these little pleasures that will make your experience of Copenhagen so enjoyable.

The atmosphere of the entire city is relaxed and easy-going: perhaps due to the lack of traffic, beeping horns and pollution. The people are friendly, smiling and cycle everywhere - each street is lined with a row of parked up bicycles! There's no wonder the Danish are leading in the quality of life index.

Whilst I by no means exhausted what the city has to offer, I packed a lot into the long weekend and wanted to share a few of my highlights and recommendations with you.

Hire a bike and cycle across the whole of Copenhagen.

Stroll arond the perfectly pruned grounds of Rosenborg Castle.

Eat your body weight in pastries.

There's no shortage of bakeries serving tempting treats to choose from!

Take in the views of the city from the Round Tower viewing platform.

Taste some funky street food at Paper Island.

Good for vegetarians and vegans - I had a pulled vegan seitan burger and plantain chips: so tasty!

Get 'that picture' of the colourful houses at Nyhavn Harbour.

Visit the Little Mermaid.

She's a little bit underwhelming, but a good starting point for cycling around the city.

Take in the sights and smells of the food markets at Torvehaller.

If you're a big porridge fan like me, check out Grod - a whole restaurant serving sweet and savoury porridge dishes... the dream! 

Get lost in the beautiful Botanical gardens.

And one final thing... visit Christiania Freetown!

You're not allowed to take pictures in this independent neighbourhood, but there's lots of cool street art, it's car free and the vibe is super chilled. Explore it for yourself!

Have you been to Copenhagen? What else would you recommend doing?

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