Rediscovering Running

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I've been so bad at updating my blog lately, but there is a reason I promise!

August has been a time of new starts for me; the main change being that I left my job at Health Bloggers Community and started working for a charity in the health and social care sector, National Voices. The weeks are going by so quickly and I'm learning so much about health care policy, the NHS and the voluntary sector... it's been quite overwhelming, but I'm really enjoying it.

I've also rediscovered my love for running.

At the end of April, I ran my first half marathon (read more about that here) and whilst it was an amazing achievement for me and I was super happy with my time, I think I put myself off running for a while! I just ran so much in a short space of time that I kind of became sick of it. I then ended up having the worst knee pain post-run, thanks to all 13.1 miles being on pavement, so I started associating running with being in pain.

Instead, I explored other ways of keeping fit and launched myself into strength training, spin classes and HIIT workouts. This is all fine and I was enjoying the change. However, I was talking to someone the other day who asked me "why did you stop running? You used to love it" and that's when I realised that maybe it was time to pick it up again, or at least get out there and give it a go.

So I went for a really steady, slow, short run - well more a jog - around my favourite park (big up Brockwell park). No trackers, no timers, no distance or speed goals, just me running in the sun with my favourite running playlist. It felt fantastic.

This weekend I ran the parkrun for the first time in about six moths (I still stand by the fact that going to parkrun is the best way to get back into running) and it felt amazing to be back in the game. 

So yeah, sometimes I guess you just need a break from running, even if it's something you once loved. I didn't run for almost four months and that's okay, because this week when I picked it up again, I was reminded of how much enjoyment it gives me.

If you're looking to get back into the running game, check out my five tips to get back into running.

So what's next?

Well, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself to start running 10ks or half marathons just yet. For now I'm just going to just enjoy it and see where running takes me. 

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