Laura in London: Mildred's, Another Space & Junkyard Golf

Vegan Sweet Potato Curry: Mildred's Restaurant

Fresh for January, I'm launching a new series on my blog: Laura in London.

I've lived in London for about eight months now, and one of the things I love most about the city is the buzzing food and fitness scene. With something new popping up every week, there's always somewhere new to workout, a delicious restaurant to try, or a fun place to visit!

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share some of my favourite places to EAT, SWEAT and PLAY in the capital. I'll try to talk about at least one new place each week. I'm kicking off the series with three of my absolute favourites places to EAT, SWEAT and PLAY. Let me know your favourite places too!


Mildred's Restaurant

This is hands down my favourite restaurant in London. It's where I take all my meat-eating friends to show them that vegetarian/vegan food is fun, fresh and delicious. Even hard-core carnivores flirt with the idea that a meat-free meal can be filling after an evening here!

Mildred's takes inspiration from a range of international cuisines, which is reflected in the variety of dishes on offer - curries, pies, burritos, even a Polish burger - it's all so varied and nourishing. Also, the special vegan peanut butter brownie they do is out of this world.

Meals are reasonably priced and there is a selection of organic wines on offer too - winner! The Sri Lankan Sweet Potato Curry is incredible! Every time I go I always have a mini-internal battle over whether to get this or try something new on the menu... Highly recommend.

Where? Branches in Soho, Camden and King's Cross. (I usually go to Soho)
How much? Meals around £12-14; Usually around £20-25 for a meal, drink and service.
Best for... Convincing your carnivore friends to try meat-free Monday


Another Space London

Recently I've been really getting into my spin classes - it's such a great workout and always clears my mind, leaving me on such a post-exercise high. Saying that, I think it can be quite hard to find a good spin class. When you're working that hard, you need motivational music, a great atmosphere and a sensational instructor. On my quest to find a spin class I loved, I tried out Another Space. It is definitely my favourite! The flashing lights, the amazing playlists and the energetic instructors all make these 45 minute cycle classes a great experience. Plus the lavish changing rooms - kitted out with Cowshed products, face cleansers and GHD straighteners - adds to the experience. You can even pre-order a protein shake for after your workout (I am a fan of the chocolate one, of course).

Where? Covent Garden
How much? Usually £20 a class, but they often do great deals!
Best for... Pushing yourself to the limit, clearing your mind and sweating out the weekend


Junkyard Golf, The Old Truman Brewery

This can best be summed up as crazy golf that got high and went to hipster heaven. There are three nine-hole crazy golf courses with a junk yard/ car boot twist. Each course has a different theme - from a toxic waste land to a  UV techno rave and a course that looks like a charity shop exploded all over it, expect to navigate your way through broken washing machines, a treadmill (?) and pimped up slides. There's blood-pumping beats, four bars and even a street-food cart selling hot dogs. Great if you want to do something a little different with friends - or a fun place to go on a date!

Where? Brick Lane, Shoreditch (obviously)
How much? A slightly pretentious £8.50 each. But hey, it's Shoreditch.
Best for... Hanging out with friends

Where are your favourite places to eat, play and sweat in the capital? Comment below!

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