Laura in London: Farmacy, Disco Yoga & Nomad Cinema

Chia pudding at Farmacy, Notting Hill
Last weekend the Health Bloggers Community hosted the first HBCxMeet of 2017 and I could not have been happier with how it went! I got to see some friendly faces and also lots of new ones too! I think it was the best networking event we've ever done: amazing brands, great turn out of people and overflowing goodie bags (as always!).

I also hosted two Q&As with Frances Katz (Fran) of Healthy Fit Fran which was really fun - she was a great guest to have and lots of people asked their questions (which is always a relief in Q&As, nothing worse than a quiet audience!). I got quite nervous in the lead up to the day, but in the end it all went so smoothly and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes forcing yourself out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do!

Last week I was so busy with work that I didn't try many new places; I've still been loving my Psycle classes (read about them here),  and I also ate at the MaE Deli for the first time which was lovely. But I thought I'd share three of my other favourite places to eat, sweat and play!


Farmacy, Notting Hill

I've been a couple of times for brunch and I can confirm that the 'Bee Grateful' probiotic spirulina ‘yoghurt’ with chia pudding is to die for. The buckwheat pancakes are also pretty tasty - my only suggestion for improving this dish would be to up the portion sizes - three pancakes just isn't enough for brunch! Their slogan proclaims the famous quote from Hippocrates: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - I really love this ethos of being able to eat your way to good health. Eating nourishing, natural food is really important to me so I love that their ingredients are all natural, seasonal and wholesome. What's more, their brunch men is so much more creative and interesting than other places. I mean, probiotic cashew 'yoghurt' with sprouted buckwheat granola - how good does that sound?!

Where? Notting Hill (next to Planet Organic)
How much? Dishes are quite pricey and if you're going for brunch, I'd definitely recommend sharing 3-4 dishes.
Best for... A special birthday brunch 


Disco Yoga

I went to the launch party of Disco Yoga and the class is certainly a unique experience! If you think that regular yoga may lack oomph and energy then give this a try! Classes are held in the basement of Trapeze bar in Shoreditch - the perfect location for disco yoga. Before the class started, we were invited to get glittered up at the glitter bar - which of course I jumped at. I loved the 80s music and random dance outbreaks - think primary school disco meets dynamic yoga flow, accompanied by a soundtrack of Jackson 5 and Bee Gees - it brings a fresh breath to yoga for sure. I enjoyed the class, however I wouldn't replace my weekly yoga sessions with this - it's more of a fun-to-try class than a relaxing experience. After the class you're encouraged to stay for superfood cocktails and mocktails with the rest of the yogis, so it can be a great way to make new like-minded friends on a weeknight!

Trapeze bar, Shoreditch
How much? £15 a class, which includes a cocktail!
Best for... Getting glittered up and bringing the groove to your yoga practice  


This is one to bookmark for the summer months really, but these pop-up outdoor cinema showings are a really fun way to watch your favourite films in different parks across London. Last year I went to see Bridesmaids in Grosvenor Square Gardens which was really lovely - fairy lights dotted the trees so when it grew dark it felt like we were in a fantasy forest! They also do creepy showings of films like Psycho in Brompton Cemetery - not for the faint-hearted (so I think I'll forgo this one). When I went, my housemate and I upgraded our tickets to include a glass of champagne and a comfy bean bag with blanket - because we're just that classy - but you can bring a picnic blanket, some snacks and your own comfy clothes if you'd prefer! I also love that 100% of the profits go to The Sustainability Institute: an environmental and educational charity in South Africa.

A variety of quirky parks all over London
How much? £12-£16 depending on the film/day/venue
Best for... picnicking in style at various hidden gems across the city in the summer

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