Laura in London: The Table Cafe, Yogarise & The Piano Works

Hello lovely people! Thank you so much for all your kind words and feedback on this latest series - I'm honestly so grateful to each one of you for coming back to read the second instalment of my 'Laura in London' series. If you missed the first one, you can catch it here.

In case you don't know, in this new series I'll be sharing some of my favourite places to EAT, SWEAT and PLAY in the capital. 

This week was my first week back at work after Christmas, and I felt like I was playing catch up every day! However the weekend gave me some time to reflect and chill out... and also to find an awesome new brunch spot to share with you all!


The Table Cafe

OMG. I had multiple mouthgasms at this place! Anyone sat next to my housemate and I at the table would have probably been put off their food by all our 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' (#sorrynotsorry). I went for brunch and literally wanted to order everything on the menu (and I pretty much did!). Dishes are bursting with fresh and wholesome flavours, whilst ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced where possible. They even have a partnership with homeless charity St Mungo's, whereby they purchase all herbs and veg from the charity, who home grow them beneath the Shard! Plus there's something for everyone - whether you're a meat-eater, vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan, there are plenty of tasty options, so you don't have to miss out on any of the deliciousness here.

I had the Jump Start smoothie (banana, strawberry, heather honey, nutmeg & coconut water), followed by the Vegan Borough and then shared the Graceland waffle with my housemate (which I didn't think I was going to have room for, but luckily I got a second wind and managed to step up to the mark!). This, THIS, was incredible. It was topped with the gooiest marshmallow, drizzled with the richest chocolate and hazelnut sauce, and stuffed with warm crunchy peanut butter. I kid you not, it was off-the-scale delicious. Definitely rolled out of the door about a stone heavier and floating on food cloud nine. 

Where? Southwark. Ten minutes from London Bridge station.
How much? Brunch dishes vary from 8- 12.50. I spent £22 and got A LOT of foooood.
Best for... A catch up brunch with the girls post-Parkrun (or post-lie in, which was what I did!)



I've proclaimed my love for this urban zen studio on the blog before (read about it here). Housed in the Bussey Building, there's a real sense of community permeating the studio. The walls are adorned with the work of emerging artists whilst the retail section features unique pieces from local designers.  They even offer 'donation-based' community classes, practicing what they preach about yoga being accessible to everyone, not just rich people. I've tried a variety of classes here, and there hasn't been one that I didn't love. Each yoga instructor brings something completely different to their class, but the one thing they have in common is a burning passion for their style of yoga. 

One of my favourite classes is Lola Lam's Rocket Yoga. It's a dynamic, challenging class that will leave you feeling invigorated (and very, very sweaty). If you're new to yoga, I wouldn't suggest starting with this class, it's intense! Instead, I'd recommend the Gentla Hatha Flow class which helps to bring awareness to your mind, body and breath through gentle movement. The Rooftop Yoga is also a must-try in the summer. The view from the roof is incomparable! 

Where? Peckham, South London
How much? Drop-in classes £13, off-peak £11, and class packs from £10 a class
Best for... Getting your ass-ana on the mat and connecting with yourself


The Piano Works

Housed in an old Victorian warehouse, this definitely is not the place to go if you're doing Dry January, but such a fun night if not! I spent many-a Friday dancing the night away, wine in hand, at this super fun bar in Farringdon last summer. It's unlike anywhere else I've been out in London. From 8pm there is an incredibly talented live piano-led band - complete with saxophonist - who solely play requests from the audience. 

To get your favourite song played on this human jukebox, you simply write your request on a napkin and slip it to the band in between songs. Whilst you can always rely on the crowd to request classics from Oasis, Blur and Bryan Adams, the band are unfazed by irregular requests - so don't be shy to request anything you like - there is no end to their repertoire of songs!

Where? Farringdon
How much? Free entry before 10pm
Best for... Singing along to your favourite ballads after a long week at work

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