My not so healthy lifestyle

Recently I’ve been neglecting my fitness goals and healthy eating. And I’m not sorry.

Let me explain... In April I moved to London, knowing very few people in the city and with massive worries about whether I’d make ends meet as a writer. I had two part-time jobs and did some extra copy writing on the side so I could pay my inflated rent and still have enough money to enjoy the city. Fast forward three months and my long-term relationship has ended abruptly, I’ve been promoted to full-time at the Health Bloggers Community, and I began to relax and really enjoy exploring the city.

I started to say yes to everything

I made new friends, said yes to everything I was invited to, experienced some really awesome events and had the best summer of my life (maybe excluding the summer I spent travelling in South East Asia: that was pretty special). Of course, going to shmancy bars, eating in awesome veggie restaurants and exploring the very best of what the city has to offer meant that both my healthy lifestyle and my bank balance took a bit of a hit.

But do you know what? Giving myself a bit of a break from working out loads, eating ‘clean’ (hate that term) and actually allowing myself to drink alcohol gave me the freedom to live my life to the fullest and to make some amazing memories of my first summer in London.

Now I’m getting back into my fitness again, and I’m doing it more for my own enjoyment rather than for how I look. 

I’m feeling more confident and happy in myself than I have in a very long time and I’m surrounded by positive and happy people... Not to mention I absolutely love my job. I think a few of the huge life changes I’ve made recently have been the main reasons for this shift in perspective. 

At the time my relationship ended, it really wasn’t what I wanted. I was in full on heart break mode and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be happy again (slightly dramatic, but hey. You gotta feel those feelings). Now I realise that, actually, it was a pretty smart decision; when you stop making someone happy and vice versa, what’s the point in holding on?

You have to let go to be able to experience new things and find happiness within yourself and your own life. And free the other person so they can do the same! Same goes for fitness; as soon as it starts to become a punishment or a chore, what's the point in forcing yourself to do it? You only develop a damaging relationship with exercise, which is anything but healthy. It just becomes another stick to beat yourself with.

At the end of the day, your happiness is more important than how much you weigh or what size clothes you wear... 

You are so much more than that. It sounds cliché but there IS more to life than meeting your fitness goals and always eating nutritionally-dense, dairy-free, refined sugar-free foods. Don’t get me wrong – I love how eating healthily and exercise makes me feel, but making memories with friends and family is worth so much more than that.

So that extra chub on your tummy? Love it, it's a part of you and you deserve to feel fabulous.

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