Review: Veggie Pret

Now I know Pret a Manger doesn't seem like the most exciting place to review... but the Veggie Pret  pop-up is certainly a treat for vegetarian and vegan tummies all over London!

As you may already know, On the 1st June 2016, Pret a Manger decide to launch their very first vegetarian-only store in Soho. I finally got round to visiting the store a couple of weeks ago, and as I eat a plant-based vegetarian diet, mostly free of dairy and eggs, I was pleasantly surprised.

On the tables are ballot boxes and 'hit the spot or lost the plot' feedback forms for customers to express their opinions on their fave and least fave dishes. I have to admit, I was the crazy lady frantically filling in forms on the table in the corner - I loved everything I ate (and I ate a lot!).

I started my VIP (Veggie in Pret) experience with a Chakalaka Wrap which was a flavoursome mix of roasted butternut squash, Chakalaka beans, baby kale and coconut yoghurt - a surprising mix of flavours but a definite success. I then wanted to try one of the controversial savoury yoghurt pots that I've heard so much about. I went for the Mint & Dukkah Yoghurt Bowl. Made up of Greek yoghurt topped with olive oil, mint leaves and a blend of Middle Eastern herbs, spices and nuts, I eyed it up sceptically as it sat on the shelf before deciding YOLO. Now, I know these savoury yoghurt pots have received mixed reviews (olive oil and yoghurt?!) but mine tasted absolutely amazing. Sort of like a Middle Eastern take on the tzatziki dip - I'd definitely recommend accompanying it with some flat bread, although I enjoyed it on its own. Big tick from me, Pret!
Chakalaka wrap & Mint & Dukkah Yoghurt Bowl

I was about to leave, full of contentment with my tasty veggie meal, but then I spotted the Almond Protein Power shake sat all alone on the shelf, calling my name... well, I couldn't just ignore it now, could I? All the ingredients in the smoothies and shakes are left unblended in their plastic container on the shelves, so you can see exactly what goes in it. You then take it to the till where the lovely Pret team add ice and give it a whizz in the blender for you. The shake was a perfect blend of banana, dates, almond butter, chocolate powder, almond milk and ice. SO GOOD. You can even add an espresso shot for an extra 30p. I don't really drink coffee so I refrained from this, but I imagine it would make a tasty addition for coffee lovers.

As I was leaving, I was talking to one of the Pret team about the popularity of the store (which I'm happy to report is high!). At the end of the conversation, he gave me the Artichoke, Tapenade & Olive baguette to try. I was sadly waaay too full to even entertain eating it that evening, so I had it for lunch the next day and I have to say, it hit the spot! Big chunks of artichoke hearts were topped with Kalamata olives and smeared in that lovely cherry tomato and red pepper tapenade - amazing - even better than the usual avocado & tapenade sandwich Pret does. 
Cheeky selfie with my Almond Protein Shake & Veggie Pret!
Overall, I rolled out of Veggie Pret a much happier (and totally stuffed) version of myself. Due to popular demand, the store has now been extended to stick around all summer (yay!) so if you haven't sampled their amazing veggie and vegan selection yet, show them some love and get yourself down there! 

You can find the little Veggie Pret all summer at 35 Broadwick St, London, W1F 0DH

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