Fitness, Fun & Frolics: My first week in London

As you may know, I recently moved to my own flat in London (YAY!). And I can honestly say, I'm having the best time getting to know my area, exploring what's near by and hanging out with new people. My first week in London involved all sorts of unexpected events, new opportunities, random fitness classes... and a lot of Lemonade {Beyonce you Queen}.

With all this London-overwhelm, I managed to keep my head by being a super busy fitness bee! Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the blogger launch party at Best's Bootcamp - a new boutique fitness studio opening in London on 9th May, featuring unique treadmills, soft pylo boxes and some awesome personal trainers. I felt that the class was more like a night out than a workout - think loud, pumping music and funky lighting - but the exercises were awesome and so was the atmosphere. Being a boutique gym, the changing rooms were kitted out with luxury products, GHDs and a unique 'cool down' booth. Plus I was lucky enough to meet some other lovely London fitness bloggers which is always a treat! The class itself was super intense and the evening was great fun... we even got a post-workout shake to top it off! Of course I chose to have PB & chocolate. 

Oh, and the goodie bags were pretty cool too!
Friday involved an incredible, busy day at Be:Fit London festival; I ate my body weight in free samples of vegan protein bars and ice cream made from vegetables - it was awesome! This was all before completing a very sweaty - but incredibly fun - Girl Gains workout. I don't think I've ever had so much fun doing HIIT! A highlight was getting to meet lots of #hbloggers that I have spoken to online through the Health Bloggers Community and Instagram, but never met in person before. I really love the community aspect of the fitness industry and it was great to put a face to so many names.

Be:Fit London Festival, Angel

Team #hbloggers at Be:Fit!
After the excitement of these fitness events, you may think I'd be in for a quiet weekend... but no! Last weekend was my first full weekend in London so OF COURSE I was going to get my Laura the Explorer hat on and head out to make the most of my new city!

On Saturday I visited Portobello Road markets, ate delicious falafel and bought an old vintage shirt. On Sunday I strolled along the South Bank in the sunshine, went to another food market (had more amazing falafel) popped into the Tate Modern and went for drinks in Soho. Busy bee, right?!

Bank Holiday Monday saw me fit in another HIIT workout (I know, I think I'm crazy too) followed by doing a bit of work that I had to catch up on. All in all a, I had a super productive and very fun first week in the city! My second week in London has been a bit more chilled out... but only slightly!

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