Vegan Chocolate Energy Bites

Happy Easter! 

I hope you've had a fabulous bank holiday weekend spending time with your loved ones, friends and family, eating chocolate and enjoying a break. I spent the weekend with my Mum, brother and sisters in Durham, which was lovely as I haven't seen them since Christmas. We went on a glorious Easter Sunday walk in the forest and the sun even came out to join us for some of it!
Cacao and Hazelnut Energy Bites
Now I'm getting ready for the working week ahead and thinking about what healthy snacks I can make to keep me from reaching for the pile of chocolate Easter Eggs I've collected over the weekend! As I'm feeling a bit lazy, I decided energy bites were definitely the way forward - they are so delicious and take no longer than 10 minutes to make. Perfect!

I love energy bites - they are one of my favourite go-to snacks and I often try to make some at the weekend so that I have plenty of healthy snacks to take to work with me through the week. They don't often last longer than a few days though!

They also make a great gift - at Christmas my boyfriend's Mum and I made a couple of batches of different flavoured bites, rolled some in cacao powder and others in dessicated coconuts, and put them in little cake cases as a present for her family. They went down a treat and now I always make them for her when she goes to visit her family!

These energy bites are completely raw, vegan and gluten free. They're made using nuts, dates, seeds and cacao powder - so you know that all the ingredients are full of nutrition and wholesome goodness. 

Vegan Chocolate Energy Bites


(Yields about ten bites)

75g almonds
50g hazelnuts
100g dates (soak for 10 mins if hard)
Handful pumpkin seeds
2tbsps organic cacao powder
1tbsp chia seeds
4tbsp water
2 teaspoons cashew butter

1) Add nuts and dates to food processor and whizz for approx 30 seconds
2) Add the rest of the ingredients, apart from the pumpkin seeds, and process until the mixture is sticky and almost smooth. You may need to add some more water and scrape down the side of the processor.
3) Add the pumpkin seeds and give one last whizz to mix it all in.
4) Using a tablespoon, scoop out a small amount of mixture and mould in the palm of your hands (HINT: this can get messy but it's great fun!)
5) Leave in the fridge to firm up for about an hour.

Store in the fridge for up to three weeks - although I doubt they'll last that long!

TIP: Feel free to mix up the ingredients with this one! Adding goji berries or dried cranberries will increase sweetness.

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