Online Yoga: Yoga for Yogis with no time!

Practising yoga on a beach in Indonesia earlier this year
In between working two jobs, an internship and seeing family and friends, I try to fit in my blogging, recipe developing, keeping fit, and my love of yoga. Unfortunately, I’m ashamed to admit the latter has taken a bit of a hit in recent weeks. I know I always feel SO much better after having practised yoga- it leaves me feeling stretched, aligned and more energised - but sometimes it can be hard to create the time and space to do it.

On Saturday I went to the Health Bloggers Community Xmas Bash, which involved an hour of inversion-focused yoga followed by a potluck, with lots of yummy sweet treats baked by some incredibly awesome bloggers. (I’m talking gooey fruit loaf, raw brownies and pecan and cranberry pie, YUM!) It really rekindled my love for yoga and my body certainly enjoyed all the stretching and strength building.
The Health Bloggers Xmas Bash! Photo credit: Health Bloggers Community

Yoga classes can be expensive, and it can be difficult to commit to them with a busy schedule. There are loads of great online yoga sites that you can sign up to for much cheaper, and I recently discovered that some even offer you live classes with your yoga teacher, where your instructor can see you through your webcam and give you guidance on positioning and posture.

I’m yet to try any of these, but I’ve been recommended Yoogaia, which offer these interactive lessons. I often opt for online youtube videos, which is a great way to fit in a quick 20-60 minute yoga workout. Although not as beneficial as having a trained and experienced Yoga teacher in the room or giving feedback through your screen, they are a great way of squeezing in short yoga sessions for those of us with no time.

So here are some of my favourite online yoga videos:

1. My favourite Youtube Yogi has to be Adriene of Yoga with Adriene. She offers a range of achievable videos, from beginners to intermediate that last between 8 and 40 minutes. I particularly recommend the 30 day yogachallenge for people looking to ease their way in to yoga. It takes you from basic breathing exercises to arm balances and warrior poses. One of my favourite quick videos is the 20 minute detox yoga- It really feels as though your internal organs are being massaged with all the twists in this one!

2. Next up is Tara Stiles. This lovely lady does a series of 10 minute yoga classes, which are perfect if you really have no time, or you want to just add on a quick stretch after an at-home workout. Alternatively, her 50 minute Yoga for weight loss & balance video is a mixture of challenging poses and energising flows- great for improving your strength and ending your practise feeling empowered. Tara also offers a range of beginner classes which focus on getting the technique and posture right, instead of rushing straight in to the more challenging stuff. I really like this 10 minute beginner video for flexibility and range of motion.

For a more active yoga workout, POPsugar videos give you more active workouts inspired by yoga moves. They offer power yoga for strengthening and toning whilst increasing your flexibility and balance, so they’re perfect if you’re after an added calorie burn in your yoga practice. I particularly like the classes led by celebrity personal trainer and yoga teacher, Mandy Ingber. This 10 minute Yoga for Happiness is a good one to do if you’re trying a few different videos as part of a longer yoga session.

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