Canyoning in Vietnam

Nestled high up in the mountainous region of the central highlands in Vietnam is a charming town called Dalat. It's a picturesque town with a beautiful landscape, but the main draw to this place is the wealth of adrenalin-filled adventure activities on offer. The weather here is much cooler than the rest of Vietnam, so it's the perfect climate for doing more strenuous exercise. Plus it was actually quite refreshing to be able to go outside without instantly melting in the heat!
Abseiling down the first rock face

 We decided to do the full day canyoning experience, which involved trekking through forests and canyons, abseiling down rock faces and waterfalls, and jumping from high rocks into the canyon below. It was an incredible experience; probably my favourite activity so far on my travels!

Sometimes I get a little bit nervous before doing adventure sports, however the guides on the tour were really encouraging and reassuring, which gave me the confidence to give everything a go. The most challenging part for me was the 25m waterfall abseil. Half way down I lost my balance and drifted too far to the right of the waterfall, where it was dangerously slippery, and I couldn't regain my balance (embarrassing!). I started panicking as I couldn't see anything for all the water gushing in my face! Eventually I (quite literally) pulled myself together, hoisted myself back up onto the rope and dropped the 4 metre distance backwards in to the foot of the waterfall. All the while the guide was shouting instructions at me, which I couldn't hear for the roaring waterfall in my ears! I was so scared at the time but so proud when I'd completed the abseil and climbed out the water!
Met a really fun group of people!

After an amazing day of adrenalin filled activities, we hiked 20 minutes out of the canyon up the steep  mountain side. It was quite a physically challenging day, but it felt good to do some proper exercise.. Most of my travels so far have involved lounging by the beach or walking leisurely whilst exploring new places! It was great to do something a bit more exciting and adventurous than the regular tourist attractions of Vietnam and I'd definitely recommend it! 

At the top of the 25m waterfall

Alex dropping the 4 metres back into the bottom of the waterfall

Abseiling down 'The Washing Machine' waterfall

My favourite abseil

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