6 weeks in Surin

It's been 6 weeks since I made the cramped minivan journey from Bangkok to Surin; 6 weeks filled with learning about myself, who I am and who I want to be. 6 weeks of learning about a wonderful culture, its traditions, its genuine and decent way of life. 

From the moment we arrived, we have been treated with nothing but kind hospitality from friendly faces. I can't see myself ever wanting to leave this wonderful place! I've lately been attempting to learn some thai, and I can just about barter at the local markets, order a meal, and ask a tuk tuk driver to take me somewhere... Still have quite a way to go! But I'm enjoying the challenge. 

Teaching continues to be an amazing learning curve. I absolutely adore my children, they make me smile everyday. In spite of the fact that they don't speak much conversational English, I feel like I know most of them individually; their personality traits, their likes and dislikes. I know the way they will respond to certain activities or things I say, what they will enjoy and what they'd rather not do. I don't see my job as 'work', I see it as a privilege to spend my days doing something I enjoy so much.

Everyone back home is getting ready for Christmas: putting up their trees, visiting relatives, going to Christmas markets, buying presents. I feel like it's a world away from my weekends spent exploring local areas, buying my food at the fresh food Markets, or chilling by the pool. As much as I miss my family, being in a society that doesn't celebrate Christmas is refreshing. I don't miss the consumerism or the stress that's placed on showing your affection to loved ones through materialism. 
The people here know the most important thing about life: spending time with the people you love. They live in the present, share kindness with strangers, and always smile

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