Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


I have often read that to start your morning with anything other then a lemon water, is a healthy-lifestyle sin. In the past I've tried - and failed - to incorporate it into my daily schedule. Instead, I've stuck religiously to starting the day with a warming cup of tea. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, and all that. 

However, lately I've read so many blog posts and articles about the health benefits of drinking lemon water, that I really could not ignore it any longer. So I recently exchanged my comforting morning brew for a luke-warm cup of lemon water.

I must admit that the taste took some getting used to. I wasn't a fan of the citrusyness first thing in the morning, but I seem to have gotten used to it, and I actually quite enjoy it now.
I've been drinking it every morning for the last couple of weeks, and, well, the articles were not lying -I noticed the benefits within the first few days. 

Thanks to this little ray of sunshine in a cup, my skin has never been so clear. Although I'm not prone to acne, I do occasionally get spots and blocked pores. Since drinking lemon water, I can see a visible difference; I seem to have a fresh, dewy look about my skin. This is down to the vitamin C component of the lemon, which helps flush your body's toxins and rejuvenates your skin from the inside.

Despite a lemon's seeming acidity, once metabolised, it actually has an alkalising effect on your body. This means it's great if you're prone to UTIs or suffer from joint pain and inflammation, as it balances overall Ph levels and reduces acidity in the blood.

Another great benefit of lemon water is that it aids digestion. Those of us who are familiar with that uncomfortable, bloated, overfull feeling can really benefit from drinking lemon water, as it encourages the liver to produce bile - an acid crucial in digestion.

These are just a few of the great reasons that I have made drinking lemon water part of my morning routine, but there are many more (it gives a boost to your immune system, aids in weight loss and has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying qualities to name a few!) 

So the question is not 'why should I drink lemon water?' But rather 'why am I not?!' 

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