Sunday Runday


I'm a keen runner. Well, I used to be a keen runner. Well, I am, but I'm just.. Taking a sabbatical from it at the minute.

This is the debate I've been having with myself over the last  few weeks, and today I finally put a stop to all my half-hearted excuses, bit the bullet and went for a run.

It was 11am on a Sunday morning, the sun was out, my iPod was fully charged and I had nowhere to be until later on in the afternoon. So no excuses.

I'd been putting off going for a run for weeks - what with getting a new job, visiting relatives and catching up with friends, my love for running had been put on the back burner. And once you're out of the fitness routine, it's difficult to get back into it.

So here I was, armed with my water bottle, my trainers and my running playlist, I braved the windy outdoors and went for a run. 

As soon as I stepped outside and the motion of putting one foot in front of the other once more became familiar, I was reminded of why I love running so much. 

I run because I love the sense of freedom and enjoyment it gives me; it feels like the most natural thing in the world when I'm out exercising with the sun on my face and my favourite tracks playing in my ears. Maintaining my heart health and improving my fitness are bonuses! 

Although this morning was more of a struggle than usual, it gave me such a boost and I am determined to get back into my running routine, and up my fitness levels once more! 

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